Webmaster/ CEO: Erfan Karim
Yup.  He’s the open-minded guy you either love or love to hate.  Seriously though, our (ahem!) beloved Commissioner works very hard for our league and always manages to come up with some hair-brained, complicated, and yet effective rule that earns him applause (or a group of hitmen).  His web-designing skills are evident with his creation of the MFL’s home site and all of its connected pages.

Staff: Srinath Karat
He’s a main writer and artist for the league.  He’s in charge of maintaining team pages.  He has drawn comparisons to the monkey from the Lion King.  He’s Srinath Karat.  When not arguing with and/or suing someone, this member of the Long Island Mental Institution is busy thinking up new ways to enhance the league (and his team).  Ever the outspoken one, he once went on record as to say, “his sole mission as an MFL owner is to make sure that the Las Vegas Clowns go out of business.”  Yes, he referred to himself in the third-person.

Staff: Loren Adler

The only man in history to get arrested for running naked through the middle of an XFL game (he was the only one in attendance), Loren Adler’s attorneys emphasize that he “was never actually convicted.”  Nevertheless, Loren’s knowledge and work ethic has earned him a place behind the scenes of the MFL.  He has been entrusted with the Free Agency and is always willing to “let those &$*@^% members of the MFL Council get a piece of [his] mind.”


Eric Beckman

The MFL would still be a little paper experiment by David Kang, Srinath Karat, Erfan Karim and Michael S had it not been for the web-hosting services of Eric Beckman and Direct Connect Internet Services.  Furthermore, Eric has brought great owners (himself and Shelby Williams) to the league.  Thank you.


MFL Owners

You guys make up this league.  Your interest, talents and love of the game keep us where we’re are now.  Keep it up, and always let us get a piece of your mind.

For any questions and/or comments, please contact the Commissioner.