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It's said in the business world, "one doesn't invest in companies or products, he invests in people."

The same can be said, in a sense, in the fantasy baseball world. You fantasy veterans know exactly what I'm talking about. Why does it seem the same two or three owners somehow finish in or around the top five in the league every season? Because knowing baseball players is only about half of the winning game plan -- strategy, including draft preparation and in-season management, is the other half, if not more.

Many fantasy owners don't think twice about plopping down a substantial league fee for their fantasy sports needs, yet they're Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to giving to charity or other such causes. But, without the proper preparation and direction, giving to your fantasy pot can be like giving to charity, except the recipients usually aren't the needy -- they are people who have won money doing that same venture before.

At least one of the below pieces have been tailored to fit your league specifications and task at hand. Simply put, they're designed to help you win. After all, it's time for you to invest in yourself.

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