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What is the MFL?
A group of football fans who dreamt of Owning a real NFL franchise, but unfortunately they did not have anything but enough money to buy a couple of beers and pay the monthly cable bills. What was there for them to do to show the world that they are the real genius of the football world, the next Bill Walsh per se? Fantasy Football was the answer.

Why is MFL the BEST fantasy football game out there?
Simple, we have played every other game out there (name it, ESPN, Sportsline.com, SportingNews, CNNSI, Yahoo! and Sandbox). But those games never went far enough. MFL offers everything they do PLUS more.

What are our Key Features?

  • Keeper/Dynasty Leagues- Play year in and year out. Like real NFL franchises, your moves this year will affect your team the next year. Yes have the ability to trade away future picks to win this year, or trade away veterans for younger player/picks. Build rivalries that last for years, just like the real NFL, and prove your self year in and year out.

  • Specialized Rules-Play with a salary cap, and get penalized for making bad decisions on signings just like the NFL. Get hit with a 25% dead money count on bad contracts that you dump. Have the ability to trade Future Draft picks for current help.

  • Head-to-Head- Head-to-head schedule provides for intense action on game day. Play your division rivals twice a year and all other teams once.

  • 3 Playoff brackets- Your team is out of the playoffs, so there is nothing to play for this year right? wrong! every team makes the playoffs of some sort... Play for the Championship, or the Top pick in next years draft in the Toilet Bowl.

  • Newsletters and Expert commentary- Have an independent columnist critique your moves, and see your team featured in weekly articles that is relevant to your fantasy world... also write your own articles.

  • Live Drafts - We go beyond the regular written draft, have the ability to hear your picks announced by the commissioner live to the league just like the NFL.

  • Service- 24/7 customer service, ability to answer any questions you have. We are here to assist you with live customer support and fantasy football service.

  • Win MONEY- Actually win money for wining the league, $150 plus a trophy to brag about it to your friends. Every league winner receives $150, that's 1/12 chance of winning, instead of 1/ million.

GREAT! How much does it cost?
$25 per team, and you get to enjoy everything we have to offer... and think about it, out competitors don't come close to this, they offer leagues for $20, but do you really get a keeper league with articles, or guaranteed winners who receives $150 in every league? no! with us you do.

Can I See an example?
MFL Premiere League, a league that has been around for 3 seasons, and still going strong... ask the owners about how great the MFL is.

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